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great things from the heart is created here.


To make the investments of our customers better through people, technology, processes and financial strength and the best quality of workouts for our customer’s satisfaction.


EHUMAN DESIGN TEAM has been creating and applying innovative technology & solutions in the world of graphics, advertising and corporate identifications which is established from 2003.

Today, the increasing urbanization, changing demographics, globalization may present many challenges and opportunities. Our portfolio offers global solutions for web design, graphic design, online advertising, on air advertising, corporate C.I.S, photography, illustration & etc.

We are specialized and majored enough in graphics and also web designing. As for the EHUMAN Design creative director, Mr Anthony K.H Teoh is specialized for advertising and designing for the past 15 years. Representing a company or organization on the Internet is one of a designs and website's most important jobs.

That will effectively explaining the company's purpose and what it stands for provides essential support for all other website and also the design goal.


These opportunities present a need for innovative thinking and continuous development of technology in this new world of graphics. Besides, we also give the opportunity to the colleges and institutions to send their students from IT and Multimedia applications to do their practical training in this company.

In our team, we have a joined team which is from all categories such as graphic designer, web designer, programmer, photographer, models, tutor, and also web maintaining. All of our staff is a well trained and could be able to do well and high performance. Our employees are the key. Diverse jobs and careers at EHUMAN inspire innovative minds to meet today's challenges for a better tomorrow.

Since 2003, Passionately providing clients web strategy, design, development and marketing services to achieve remarkable success offline and online.