/ Frequently Asked Question

Here you will find a list of most asked question when choosing or looking for a graphic or web designer.

I Live in different country, can we still work together?

»  Absolutely! The convenience of the internet has brought people close together, vast majority of my client are from outside of Kedah. Although I’d love to meet face-to-face, often Email communication is more efficient and cost effective than meeting in person. email also help keep track of the communication throughout the course of the project.

Your competition has cheaper quote, are you able to manage theirs?

»  You choose graphic designer by his/her style, and quality of work produced. Design is no merchandise, and design that works is priceless!

What will I expect throughout the course of the project?

»  When a quote is accepted, and initial payment is made, we will commence work on your project right away. We will keep a close contact with you, email responses are usually replied within an hour upon reception (during work hour). Client will expect to see progress within the first 7 days, this include initial concept and draft (in JPG or PDF).

I really need to meet you, can you travel to my country/city?

» If meeting in person is necessary, I am expected to travel to discuss about the design project on the expense of the client, providing plenty of notice in advance.

Can I speak to you over the phone or Skype?

» Absolutely, all my clients receive my contact details, and I can be contacted 9am-6pm Monday to Thursday (except weekend and public holidays).

My project is urgent, can you start right away?

» As much as I’d like to, it all depends on the amount of project I need to go through at the time of request, after seeing your design brief, we will advise the length of time it’ll take to complete it